A Collection of Resources

With thousands of satisfied customers and hundreds of relationships with Resource Partners and network funeral homes, Trust 100 has developed an unsurpassed collection of resources designed to help you make the most of your business opportunities.

From preplanning experts to insurance planners to financial providers and more, our extensive network provides access to experts with years of experience in the funeral industry, armed with the knowledge to address your specific business goals.

The resources shown below and defined within this booklet are just a few of the contacts at your disposal, and Trust 100 can provide additional options to meet your exact needs or circumstances.

Travel Plan by Inman

inmanInman Shipping Worldwide is America’s largest provider of repatriation services of the deceased. For over 35 years, Inman has been providing repatriation services from anywhere in the world to their final resting place.

This plan will take care of all of the travel details involved, should a death take place more than 100 miles from your legal residence.

Funeral Decisions

logo_funeraldecisionWhether you’re a single funeral director who follows up with all leads or a sales person on a team at a multi-location company, FuneralDecisionsCRM is designed to help you help more families.

Legacy Initiative – 1 Iron

logo_legacy“How Will You Be Remembered” is a full service, multi-dimensional marketing and advertising campaign that serves as a large brand umbrella for breaking down decades-old, negative, creepy perceptions that consumers have of funeral service, and replacing them with transformational and inspirational impressions that more truthfully reflect funeral service’s genuine concern for helping people at THE most difficult time in their lives – the loss of a loved one.

Family Satisfaction Surveys

logo_johnsonJohnson Consulting Group helps to address all of the operational and financial needs of funeral home and cemetery clients through insight and actionable intelligence for the funeral home industry.

Financing – Live Oak Bank

logo_liveoakLive Oak Bank was founded in 2008 with one goal: provide business loans to independent businesspeople in niche industries. Today, Live Oak is one of the largest originators of small business loans with one of the strongest loan portfolios in the country. We have extensive experience lending to selected niche small businesses as a preferred Small Business Association (SBA) lender.

United Community Bank

logo_liveoakSince 1950, United Community Bank has provided best in class service to our customers as the foundation of every relationship. We are “The Bank That SERVICE Built, ®” and we are committed to helping move your business forward with the lending and banking solutions that are customized to fit your needs.