Funeral Decisions

Whether you’re a single funeral director who follows up with all leads or a sales person on a team at a multi-location company, FuneralDecisionsCRM is designed to help you help more families.

Specifically for funeral homes and cemeteries, we’ve included just the right mix of features and ease-of-use functionality.

Why Smaller Funeral Homes/Cemeteries Love It:

  • Follow-Up Assistant – think of this as a personal assistant whose only job is to follow up with cold leads you haven’t talked to in a while and turn them into warm leads.
  • Easy To Use – You can learn to use most of the functionality within 15 minutes.
  • Marketing ROI – Track where leads came from and find how well your marketing is really doing, so you’re spending your time and money in the ideal places.

Why Larger Firms, Sales Managers and Sales Teams Love It:

  • Manager’s View – Easily transfer leads between sales people, see appointments, to- dos, and make sure leads are getting worked.
  • Group Editing – Segment your leads, generate letters and send bulk emails to capitalize on your marketing budget.
  • Quick Learning Curve – Sales and counselors can be using the system within a couple of hours.
  • Less Wasted Time – Because information follows directly into the system from your website and our lead system, less time is spent typing and correcting typos. Plus consumer’s contact information and notes on interactions are all in one, easily searchable place.
  • Free Leads from – Out-of-town decision makers and undecided local families show up in a sales person’s inbox automatically.