The Trust 100 Story

Founded in 1979, Trust 100 helps thousands of families every year by relieving them of the burden of planning and paying for their end of life celebrations. Over the years, our Mission has continued to stay true, as our commitment to our partners and customers evolves to meet the market needs.


At Trust 100 we are committed to creating and supporting a network of funeral service professionals with the knowledge and tools to deliver a meaningful funeral planning experience.

We started this company before insurance funding was available. When it started to replace trust funding, we helped more than one company design cutting edge products that have stood the test of time.

While companies have come and gone in the industry, we are still here – thriving. We see it as our responsibility to be vigilant on your behalf and be prepared.

What funeral directors want is a seamless, sustainable, low-hassle program that preserves family loyalty and value AND builds new business, all at competitive rates.

What families want is an easy process and the confidence they are working with someone they trust to help them make the best choices they can afford.

Trust 100 is proud to deliver on all accounts.