Veterans Programs

Providing specialized Veterans information and services to those who have served our country is an honor that serves a unique niche in your community. The opportunity to celebrate and assist our Veterans and their families through distinctive tributes can also generate customer loyalty.

Trust 100’s Veterans Program will help you…

  • Expand your geographic market boundaries
  • Attract Veterans and their families
  • Create stronger bonds with the families you serve
  • Build relationships created from at-need services
  • Provide information to organize affairs of deceased
  • Provide information to help organize survivors’ affairs
  • Generate preneed inquires from family members
  • Grow future business – additional at-need calls
  • Secure Veterans families to your funeral home and eliminate price shopping

What you receive from Trust 100…

  • Techniques to utilize Veterans cemeteries
  • Decades of hands-on funeral home experience
  • Training of all staff involved
  • Top of the line marketing materials
  • Lead tracking/next steps
  • Customized scripts and letters
  • Continuous support